Monday, December 22, 2014

yes, there's stuff potentially going on ...

but some things aren't going to get mentioned by Wenatchee The Hatchet unless they actually happen.

There are other things in life, after all.

Wenatchee's not so sure there's energy or focus enough to transcribe the rest of the crazy that was the 2008 spiritual warfare session Driscoll gave to leaders at Mars Hill at this point.  It's worth generally outlining that while Driscoll told leaders a big threat would be wolves from within, it's interesting how in individual counseling the threats, demonic or relational, tend to come from more outside avenues.  Combine instruction to Mars Hill leaders to beware of wolves from within while individual counselees get coached through recovered memories of things done to them by family members and it's not that big a stretch to suggest that this approach to counseling would leverage ideas that have been debunked as of about twenty to thirty years ago. 

While it is possible to overstate the degree to which intergenerational resentment factored into Mark Driscoll's writing and preaching this would not be something to overlook in assessing his influence of the "biblical living" department of Mars Hill Church in the last ten years. 

But, again, it may well be transcribing and analyzing and discussing part 3 of the 2008 warfare series, the one in which the demon trials get explicitly discussed and Driscoll made the case that Christians absolutely could be demonized in the sense of external oppression if not through internal influence, could and perhaps should be discussed.  After all, no one in the leadership of Mars Hill ranging from the lowliest volunteer to the members of the Board of Advisors & Accountability (with the potential exception of the former BoAA member Paul Tripp) has made any kind of overture to repudiate Driscoll's 2008 ideas or practices. 

Still, it's Christmas this week and Wenatchee The Hatchet would prefer to wish all the readers a merry Christmas with family and friends rather than do much blogging this week. 

It's been a busy and weird year, this. 

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