Sunday, September 07, 2014

Revisiting the promotion of 2013's A Call to Resurgence in light of a recent campus closure announcement.

Mars Hill University District
4554 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Let's set aside for the moment that in this video Driscoll was talking above sludgy amplified guitar riffs and talking about how the average person doesn't do anything until ticked off, pertinent though that late 2013 statement is for Mark's assurances that his "angry young prophet" days have ended at the tender age of about 42.

Naw, let's focus on the real estate in the shot in the promotional video. The transcript presented starts with that passage about anger but Driscoll elides seamlessly into which church he's on the way to circa later 2013.

The average person doesn't do anything until they're really ticked off. You gotta get to a certain point where you're just frustrated, you're annoyed by it, it's gotten under your skin, you're a little sick of it, you can't do it anymore and something needs to change and then all of a sudden you move to action. That's the point of the book.

We're on our way to a church that was part of Christendom's civil religion. It was all about good works and not very much about good news . That church died and in God's grace we obtained it just a few years ago, and I want you to see tonight what happens after the funeral. There is, in fact, a future as where people who were not worshipping Jesus, tons of young people are meeting Him, and you're gonna meet some of them tonight.    

That slow-motion shot of Driscoll walking up to the campus ... which campus?
What does that look like?

There's a resemblance.

And Mars Hill U-district was acquired a few years back, per the comment from Driscoll in the video promoting A Call to Resurgence.


So it is with this context in mind, that it's possible to more fully appreciate Dave Bruskas' announcement this morning.
By: Pastor Dave Bruskas
Posted: Sep 07, 2014

Downtown Seattle & U-District

Throughout the day today our pastors at Downtown Seattle and U-District are informing those churches that they will be soon be consolidating with Mars Hill Church Ballard. The first Sunday that all three churches will meet together at Mars Hill Ballard will be October 12.

It's not even a year later since the promotional video and before the first anniversary of the promotional video for A Call to Resurgence ... and the campus closure has been made official.

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