Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bryan Zug: It's time to evacuate @marshill

A few very brief notes, such as they are.

First, Anchor was a church plant that was sent out from the Lake City Campus that was closed back around 2010ish.  It has also been reported the church has perhaps withdrawn its affiliation with Acts 29 Network.  Purely personal opinion, a lot of the best people in the history of Mars Hill had Lake City Campus affiliations at different points and so Anchor seems like a plausible option for people who like many things about Mars Hill but consider its current ecclesiology too insular and toxic. 

Regarding 4 and 5, it was occasionally heard that Mars Hill pastors joked that these seemed to be the two places a lot of the exiles or resigning members went to in the 2007-2008 exodus when the firing of Meyer and Petry led to highly controversial trials and the by-laws were met with less than joy.  Wenatchee's been to both places and has had positive experiences but alert readers will have surmised which I lean more toward. :)

Anyone who can verify more details about the "I am the brand" speech, which sounds like something Driscoll would actually say, is welcome to share details if they wish.

The concentric LLCs involved in the ownership of the copyright in Real Marriage have been discussed in detail here at Wenatchee The Hatchet.  James Duncan did a better and more concise job, but if you want to go through this blog on the topics of On Mission LLC, Lasting Legacy LLC, or Future Hope Revocable Living Trust you're welcome to.

Bryan is about as old school in the history of Mars Hill Church as anyone gets.  He's old school enough that it would not surprise me if he guessed within a range of one or two people the identity of Wenatchee The Hatchet.  I mention this to say that in the past I've semi-cryptically blogged about Obadiahs in the court of Ahab as a way to refer to men and women inside the culture of Mars Hill Church I trust and respect despite serious disagreement with the leadership culture, particularly its executive level, about the entire mentality and basis for leadership.  To build on this past statement, the more time goes by and the more the leaders have turn-over and get replaced with people who have no problem with Mark Driscoll conflating his will with the will of Jesus, the fewer Obadiahs there are in the metaphorical court of Ahab.

OR maybe to just be more blunt, it seems like pretty much nearly all the men and women I actually trust and respect have left Mars Hill.  Maybe not literally every last one of them but the people who have been leaving since Turner became an executive elder and Driscoll began referring to T. D. Jakes as his friend have been the sorts of people who, twelve years ago, Mark Driscoll shared words with at stuff like Dead Men.  The words were, as best as can be paraphrased, if Mark or the other elders go so far off the rails in doctrine or ethics that you have concerns then the absolute best thing for the health of the church you can do is just leave.

Well, Driscoll may not remember that he ever said such a thing but it looks like Bryan Zug may have remembered it.  So if anyone's tempted to be skeptical about Zug's proposal, it's actually entirely consonant with what 2000-2001 era Driscoll was actively advising that people do.  So if you're thinking of leaving Mars Hill Church, in a way, you have past-Mark-Driscoll's permission and urging to do so whether he remembers ever saying so or not.

And Zug's observations about what those who stay should challenge the leaders to be honest about is worth reading.


there's an ama thing (let the reader understand).  Post a comment when the thing's wrapped up, whoever feels so inspired.  :)


jen said...

The last two paragraphs made me laugh so hard. Well done, sir.

-Jen Zug

p.s. I'm more old school than Bryan by about 2 years. ;)

Josh Adams said...

I've long thought you could make a heck of a youtube video by juxtaposing early Mark Driscoll sermon audio along with current MD/MHC actions.

The identity of WtH is not particularly secret. It took me about two minutes to figure it out when I was curious. For the small cost of a couple of deleted blog posts I'm sure MHC would gladly lend you their best and brightest to consult on scrubbing your history fro the internet...

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

WtH lacks the chops for film editing to do that kind of project, Unknown. But it would be fascinating.

And, yeah, it takes 8 to 20 seconds to find the identity of WtH depending on broswer speed once a person has a modicum of initiative. :) Most people without a history inside MHC likely won't know or care who Wenatchee The Hatchet is, which is fine.

James 5:16 said...

I didn't quite believe you on that last point WTH, so I got up the initiative. Right you are, it took 20 seconds. Don't think I ever knew you though, you were probably on your way out of MHC as my family and I were coming in. We're gone now, though. Keep up the good work, reading your blog helps me....process things, I guess.

Unknown said...

You are correct that Anchor has left A29. We did just a couple months ago b

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Randy, heh, so I called it, eh? I figure the only people who DON'T know who blogs at WtH are the people who don't really care to know.

Unknown, since by now people will know I got a journalism degree I try to leave things up as they are. Given the astonishing pace at which MHC keeps trying to obliterate its media library and past evidence of various things Driscoll has said it might be more important to document things as they happen for a while.

Jen, thanks.

Adam, I owe a few folks at Anchor some visits and I hope everyone over there is doing well.

Chandin said...

I'm not "super old school Mars Hill" nor do I need to do a google search to know who WtH is. I think I know this writers voice anywhere :)

Dwayne Forehand said...

Lol I have nothing to add. :)

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I'd expect nothing less from you two. :)