Monday, December 02, 2013

On Mission, LLC (entity that owns copyright of Real Marriage)--back and forth between WA and CO

The first thing to establish is that On Mission, LLC is the entity that owns the copyright for the book Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll. Here is what is available through the Washington corporation search with the Secretary of State

UBI Number603258287
State Of IncorporationCO
WA Filing Date12/06/2012
Expiration Date12/31/2013
Inactive Date

Registered Agent Information

Agent NameC T Corporation System
Address505 Union Ave Se Ste 120

[For those unfamiliar with CT Corporation System, a potential starting point?]

Governing Persons

So there's that stuff.  Note that the state of incorporation is actually Colorado and not Washington. 

So let's take a visit over to the corporation search for the state of Colorado and ...

StatusGood StandingFormation date01/28/2011
ID number20111058965FormLimited Liability Company
Periodic report monthJanuaryJurisdictionColorado
Term of durationPerpetual
Principal office street address4570 Hilton Parkway, Ste 203, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States
Principal office mailing addressn/a
Registered Agent
NameBill Moritz
Street address 4570 Hilton Parkway, Ste 203, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States
Mailing address n/a

Bill Moritz ring any bells?

For those interested, here are

Articles of Organization
Periodic Report
Another Periodic Report



Anonymous said...

This looks promising:

Anonymous said...

This is waaaaaayyyyy weird. Check these links out Wenatchee:

On Mission LLC

C T Corporation System

Lasting Legacy LLC

OMCRU Investments LLC

Mars Hill Church Investments Fund LLC

Mars Hill Church

The common link between nearly all of these is C T Corporation.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

C T Corporation System looks like it may be a compliance/collection network of some kind.

OMCRU INVESTMENTS, LLC was also formed, it seems, in Colorado, back on 9/30/2011

aka On Mission Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Articles of incorporation:


Anonymous said...

For those of us that don't have a trust or an LLC, let alone multiple of either, what is the significance of changing back and forth between the states? Lower overhead one place over the other?

Otherwise, why does it matter?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I say it has everything to do with some type of tax advantage, or to simply muddy the waters even further as to prevent the trail ever directly being traced back to him.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

There are other variables beside taxes that might apply, too. For instance, a non-profit in Washington might have to list its officers whereas in Texas it would not be under any obligation to publicly list its officers if it opted not to. That means that finding out who the officers of the current iteration of Acts 29 are might take considerable effort.

Mark Prez said...

CT Corp is a standard entity used by most every public company and private company with assets over $10 million to receive any and all legal documents, which are then forwarded onward to the appropriate parties. Having been involved in multiple lawsuits, both Federal & State, CT Corp is almost always listed as the party to whom to serve papers. They are the registered agent. Nothing strange about that. However, great work on the production of documents at the various secretary of state offices and the tax assessor offices. Most mega pastors hide behind trust funds and 3rd party transactions to hide their identity. Andy Stanley, Jentzen Franklin in my area to name 2 such pastors living in multi million dollar homes. It has become the norm for pastors to purchase said homes because they have made so much money from their book sales. When Andy was 39, (16 yrs ago), he was already living in a multi million home due to being co-author with his father Charles and receiving royalties to purchase said home. And of course Charles Stanley made his 1st million selling Amway as a Diamond Distributor in the early days of his ministry. But remember, the money was not made actually selling the Amway products, it was via motivational tapes and merchandise that brought in the money, and in those days, Charles Stanley (dating back 45 yrs) was fantastic at motivating and public speaking outside church. We should just stop purchasing from the mega pastors and get back to scripture. Nothing more pure.