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old posts from Jared Wilson and Mark Driscoll from 1/2009 establish background for MHC use of Docent and the 1 & 2 Peter book

From Jared Wilson's old blog

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sermon Research Assistance

In a recent blog post, Mark Driscoll gives a shout-out to Docent Research Group and Justin Holcomb for assisting him with some of the research that has been aiding him in sermon prep and book writing. It's a valuable plug for a valuable service.

I've had the privilege of working for Docent and with Justin for quite a while, thanks to my friend Glenn Lucke, Docent's creator and president, and it has been a joy and a privilege helping some of America's most respected pastors prepare to teach their communities the word of God. ...

And from Mark Driscoll

... In the past year and a half the Executive Elders of the church have freed up more of my time and energy to grow in my study and communication of Scripture. This includes a Preaching and Theology branch being built for me under the leadership of Pastor AJ Hamilton. Our team has some amazingly gifted people in areas such as video, audio, lighting, set design, graphics, theming, promotions, and more. The team has become so skilled that they actually recently finished filming their first full-length film in Hollywood as a side project. And, if that were not enough, my friends at Logos Bible Software have loaded up my MacBook Pro with the best Bible study tools and books ever assembled in a software package. So, in addition to my personal library of perhaps 4,000-5,000 books, I now have even more books on my laptop, which enables me to work even during days of solitude or travel.

and, in the same paragraph:

... On top of all this, I have an amazing research assistant and friend from Docent Research Group named Justin Holcomb, who earned two M.A.'s from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and a Ph.D. in theological studies from Emory University. He teaches courses in religious studies and sociology at the University of Virginia and at Reformed Theological Seminary, and he serves as the Director of Graduate Ministries at the Center for Christian Study in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has been humble enough to do a great deal of research for me, which, along with the work of my helpful friend and editing assistant Deacon Crystal Griffin, allows me to produce content at a pace I would never have thought possible. Between articles, blogs, books, and curriculum, I am now sending out literally thousands of pages of content a year, as well as preaching and teaching hundreds of hours of content a year. In short, I have been lavishly blessed, and I love my job as much as anyone could ever love a job. Admittedly, the hours are long and the work is hard, but I am doing exactly what God made me to do and placed in my heart among my deepest desires. ...

The paragraph eventually winds up to an end not with a period but with a colon:

... This all culminates in the Trial series on 1-2 Peter, which sets a new standard for all future preaching series. I have so benefited from the service of others that I wanted to do more than ever to help our people learn these amazing books of the Bible. So this Sunday we kick things off, and here is what you will get:
  • A free copy of the Trial curriculum book, which is also available online for free. This 200-page book includes my introductory articles on Peter, the books he wrote, and the role of parents in instructing their children. Included in the free book are dinner discussion questions I wrote to help parents teach 1-2 Peter to their own children. Pastor Brad House has also included the Community Group discussion questions for the entire series.
  • A free copy of a 12,000-word introduction and overview of 1-2 Peter compiled by my research assistant. This content is available only on The City, our password-protected social networking site. If you register for The City at one of our campuses during the series, you will get this special gift that will not be posted online for the general public.
  • Lastly, the children's ministry will also spend the next seven months studying 1-2 Peter, as we have also developed our own curriculum for them following the sermon series.
The above will probably be germane to any continuing discussion of Janet Mefferd's allegation that Mark Driscoll is a plagiarist.  Driscoll's name is attached to some content in the book but the Trial book as a whole, even by Mark Driscoll's account, is not a strictly Driscollian creation. 

POSTSCRIPT: Bear in mind all the links cited in the above source materials date from 2009.  There's always going to be inattentive readers who won't realize the stuff being quoted is years old.  Don't assume that the links provided by Jared Wilson and Mark Driscoll in 2009 are to events and locations that are current.  Note that the Wilson link is to, which predates the current equivalent. 

I've included the content as it is in the source materials because I try to refrain from altering the content of the original sources cited but people familiar with Jared C Wilson's blog should already know, for instance, how out of date all the materials at the linked blog are by now.


Ben said...

Looks like the guns will be trained on Holcomb then unless MD wants to take responsibility for the whole thing.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Well, not sure about that.

1. the copyright for the Peter guide is owned by MHC and
2. House and Holcomb are long-gone now anyway.