Saturday, December 07, 2013

HT Jim West: Jonathan Merritt notes that Ingrid Schlueter, part-time assistant producer to Janet Mefferd, has resigned

A comment from Ryan Abernathy jumped out.

Ryan Abernathy
              Dec 7, 2013 at 9:59 am
               Interesting side note, Ingrid Schlueter used to blog at Slice of Laodecia back in 2009. She was violently anti-Driscoll over his sex sermon series on Song of Solomon. Strange that her name turns up here in this mess and that she resigns after the apology. Makes me wonder how much influence she had on the piece at its inception, the tone of the interview, and the research done on the piece. I think there is definitely an issue for Driscoll here- the info looks improperly cited at the least, but I wonder if Ingrid may have overstepped a bit considering her past history with Driscoll. - See more at:

This isn't strange at all for anyone familiar with how far back Schlueter's criticism of Driscoll goes.  Her name appeared amongst those vehemently critical of Driscoll so far back it may even pre-date the 2007 firings.  Her public criticism and comments about Driscoll should be easily found and can provide some additional context for whatever has happened.  Here's a brief example. It piggy-backed on Steve Camp at the time but is a useful and short reference point.

Jim West has also got a post noting that Julie Ann @ Defend the sheep has spotted a connection between Tyndale and Salem Radio.

Schlueter had a blog going for a while called Slice of Laodicea.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but what does "HT" stand for?

Anonymous said...

"but I wonder if Ingrid may have overstepped a bit"

Oh puh-leeeze. Let's shoot the messengers, shall we? Does nothing stick to the teflon macho-man?

Burly said...

HT stands for "hat-tip" ... acknowledges the source to avoid social plagiarism :) ... (BTW, I'm a long time reader on various topics ... but not the music ones).

Ron Hodgman said...

I am very tired of Ingrid Schlueter's style of so-called Christian journalism; but cannot say I like all of the controversy that Mark Driscoll tends to generate either. The main problem with Ingrid is she has no sense of humor particularly over the picture of Michael Horton with Rick Warren and a statue of John Calvin between the two. Everyone except Ingrid and her friends appears to get the joke: "Nothing gets between Michael Horton and his Calvin"; except Ingrid and her friends. I admit Mark Driscoll's jokes tend to upset more than Ingrid and her like minded allies than Michael Horton's jokes. Ingrid tends to see what she wants to see and not ask the question: "Am I reading too much into this matter?"