Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Docent Group and sermon preparation, some recommendations via Mark Driscoll
At the front of the page there's a little video you can watch in which Mark Driscoll commends the Docent Group.  For those into reading text there's a direct and indirect Driscollian commendation for your perusal.

Docent has been invaluable to me. I think I have had them do nearly everything but cut my grass. They have saved me hundreds of hours of work and multiplied my effectiveness. I have recommended them to lots of friends because any ministry that serves leaders who serve God’s people is a great gift.

Mark Driscoll, Founding and Preaching Pastor
Mars Hill Church, Seattle

Mark Driscoll first contacted me about Docent Research. After his glowing recommendations of how Docent had improved his sermon preparation, I decided to give them a try.
Mark was right. Docent proved to be exceptional at scholarly research. I was especially impressed at the speed at which they could gather information. I've found their work most useful when I give them specific requests to help in my preparation for sermons.

Craig Groeschel, Lead Pastor, Edmond, OK

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know Mark is doing in his sermons, does anyone? Mark spends about 1 hour preparing his message for the week, yes, only 1 hour, and it shows. Clearly, he does not take his "teacher" role seriously.