Friday, October 04, 2013

Where are they now update 2: Jamie Munson is apparently still a member and a pastor at Mars Hill Downtown

In an earlier post we noticed that Jamie Munson is no longer publicly listed among the pastors of Mars Hill Church.  For those who aren't up to speed, Munson resigned from executive eldership in late 2011.  Driscoll mentioned that Munson would not be on paid staff abut would remain in eldership at Mars Hill as a pastor. 

Mike Anderson, who has no current affiliation with Mars Hill (let's just say we've checked this out and confirmed it a couple of different ways), has mentioned Jamie Munson at his website.  Anderson's background includes a variety of projects for Mars Hill over the last few years but he is not currently associated with them.

Anderson, in the following post, mentions Jamie Munson as follows:

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. When I was originally hired to get the Resurgence up and running Jamie was my boss’, boss’, boss. He was only 30 years old and was running a multi-million dollar organization with thousands of people involved. It wasn’t until after he moved on that I realized how important his leadership was. I’ve learned a lot from watching Jamie and think it would be worth you bookmarking his blog. -

Anderson's wording might be construed as suggesting Munson has moved on from being in Mars Hill leadership altogether.  The Stranger strongly suspects that Storyville Coffee, owned by Jon Phelps, is full of Mars Hill members and advocates.  If information conveyed to Wenatchee The Hatchet earlier this week is still reliable ...

Pastor Jamie Munson
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then Jamie Munson is still currently at Mars Hill Church Downtown and still listed as a pastor.  Not a surprise, Driscoll did mention something about Munson being able to be a pastor at Mars Hill indefinitely and that Munson's welcome to transition back on to paid staff any time. 

For people who are wondering, yes, it's content from a profile on The City.  Yes, it was current as of some time in the last week or two.  No, it's not a given that this profile is still on The City right now but people with access to The City can go look it up, perhaps.  When Mike Anderson mentioned that Jamie Munson had moved on that was no doubt a statement made in good faith with the best information he had available at the time of the post. 

It's just not clear now that Munson has moved on from Mars Hill in any way, let alone from formal leadership.  It may be that Mars Hill Church, for whatever reasons, has decided to simply not list Munson publicly as among its leaders.  Given the great level of suspicion with which staff at The Stranger view Storyville Coffee there may be some understandable reasons for deciding that downplaying any and all religious affiliation, let alone Mars Hill Church affiliations, on the Storyville Coffee side of things might benefit from a lack of public disclosure on Mars Hill Church's part about Munson still being a pastor there ... if he is, in fact, still a pastor there in some capacity.