Saturday, October 12, 2013

Some links for the weekend

EBT cards for Food Stamps aren't working in a number of states.

Don't hold your breath for forthcoming scholarly and biographical work on Shel Silverstein. An author at Slate explains how the current employment of intellectual property by literary estates can and often is used to quell scholarly publication on significant pop culture and literary figures.  Mouse House may make it more difficult come 2051 when Mickey will once again be in real danger of slipping into the public domain.

HT Internet Monk, how Christians became sorta pro-life on abortion but no so pro-life on the deployment of violence.

Scotteriology's Scott Bailey (who recently defended his dissertation, which Wenatchee hopes went well), links to a free e-book on archaeology and the history of ancient Israel. Looks interesting.

And since it'd hardly be a linkathon at Wenatchee The Hatchet without at least one link to Jim West, the reason to check out the free e-book mentioned above is that even West says that you'll have to save up money for THIS one, The Oxford Handbook of the Archaelogy of the Levant. That's in the zone of $180, dear readers.  That's not as astonishing as the prices of some books published by Brill, to be sure, but that's still not cheap! 

Phoenix Preacher has had a few posts discussing Chuck Smith, who passed recently.  We won't link to all of them but Smith's influence is such that it'd hardly be fitting to not at least note his recent passing. 

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