Monday, October 21, 2013

Internet Monk's Chaplain Mike weighs in on The Strange Fire historiography of charismatic Christianity

There are other conversations about how selective and polemic the history of charismatic/Pentecostal thought and practice is throughout the internet but we'll link to just this one for the time being.

A sustainable and compelling case for something called cessationism is a more historical than a strictly exegetical/textual argument and it is a Protestant rather than a catholic polemical point, as the history of polemic generally tends to show since the dawn of Pentecostalism as a movement. 

Over at the BHT Brian Auten mentions MacArthur's references to second and third wave Pentecostalism.  Even MacArthur seems able to grant that Gordon Fee is a capable textual scholar and Fee, arguably, represents the emergence of a scholastic impulse that is hardly dominant in first wave Pentecostalism but that makes the sorts of polemics MacArthur has employed against Pentecostalism and charismatic movements slightly more difficult to broadbrush.  Not that people won't do it anyway ... .

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