Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Shortpacked on how a cartoonist has depicted parts of Bill Watterson's 20-year old Kenyon address


You may have already seen the earlier cartoon depicting part of Bill Watterson's Kenyon address. 

Read the comments, some of the discussion gets lively.  Watterson liked what he did enough to do it for a decade but he also retired the strip.  The delicate balance of making a living doing something you're good at and that people enjoy alongside the realization that running on fumes and forsaking artistic challenges for the sake of a relatively certain income isn't a problem everyone will face, or even that many people.  Let's keep in mind that even John Lennon once said that selling out was, initially, pretty much the whole point.  The goal was to, if possible, get bigger than Elvis.

Andi Watson once said in an interview that there are some people who seem to think that "sell out" means you actually pay the bills by the revenue from your art rather than from unemployment checks.  As lively as intra-cartoonist debate about what to make of Watterson's 20-year old speech may be there's a sense in which the self-labeled fans may need these Shortpacked-style correctives more. 

HT to Alastair Roberts, btw

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