Saturday, November 24, 2012

possibilities for Chamber Music Week 3

I've been wanting to do Chamber Music Week 3 at Wenatchee The Hatchet superbad for a long time now.  I've been running through ideas of stuff to write about in some detail and have realized that the mundane responsibilities of off-line life are going to make that kinda tougher to pull off (though that's actually a good thing in itself that I'm not going to necessarily explain here).

So that's to say Chamber Music Week 3 might resemble a Linkathon from Phoenix Preacher only instead of a link to something about a hot topic or a person there might be links to specific Youtube performances of chamber pieces.

Or I may end up doing thumbnail overviews of albums I'm pretty sure you won't have heard about.  Now if you happen to go digging up recordings of quartets by Rebay, or a CD dedicated entirely to music for mandolin and guitar then maybe what is in the works won't be new to you.  Here's hoping, however, that Chamber Music 3, when it finally comes together, will introduce you to at least a little bit of music for classical guitar (or not) that you haven't come across and may even find interesting. 

We're not done blogging about Rebay by a long shot, for instance.  There's also some interesting stuff for alto saxophone and guitar to discuss and there's an analysis of an Annette Kruisbrink piece I've been thinking about doing for a while.  It's not as though I ever completely gave up on that proposed project explaining cyclical motivic development in Koshkin's sonata for flute and guitar but there's a point where a blogger realizes that something with a title like that is more a master's thesis kind of thing than just some blog post.  Any long-time readers remember hints that there might be this "little" project for Mockingbird?  Yeah ... well, some 20,000 words later it's not nearly as little as any of us thought it would be. 

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