Sunday, December 04, 2011

hoping to return to writing a bit more again

I had eye surgery a week ago and have been feeling all this last week that an incision was made in my eye to put something in there that wasn't there before!  Of course you might have caught the poem I wrote about that.  I've been wanting to get back to some writing projects not just here but elsewhere and am starting to have the eyes for it (again). If it seems like there was little abatement in my output it's because I type pretty quickly. 

But I am still (yes!) working on essays on Batman: the animated series for Mockingbird.  These have been, without any doubt, the most challenging essays in the series of series so far.  The Justice League essays could be positively simple by comparison!  And then the stuff about pop mythology vs branding the monomyth and lazy Christian "cultural engagemen" is yet another whole field of writing I want to address.  For those of you (if any!) who have wondered why I have labored at such great lengths to discuss childrens' entertainment in such a serious way it isn't "just" because I love the DC animated universe, but also because I want to demonstrate by example an alternative to how I have seen some Christians "analyze" pop culture.  Now there are some Christians I love and respect who (mostly) do a good job but I've seen and read some patently lazy stuff trotted out in the name of critically assessing this or that pop cultural or literary thing.  I've disagreed with some friends on some things and they know we're still cool even if I disagree on a few things in the trenches of actual interpretation.

But there's other writing I'm wanting to get to besides writing about cartoons.  You'll have noticed I've discussed writing chamber music here more than a few times.  I am incubating a potentially giant writing project on stuff I'm not going to discuss just now but alert readers who frequent this blog may be able to put together a lot when I say that this as yet unfinished project is still in the vision-casting or visionary state.

I am also just one prelude and fugue away from completing my cycle of 24 preludes and fugues for solo guitar.  With help from a friend or two I hope to start filming performances of works from the cycle and maybe even dump these films on the internet somewhere. 

I'm also trying to juggle a few books I'm reading but I don't feel like writing about the books just yet.

In other news, someone sent me a copy of a new CD I hope to write about and plug after I have some more time to absorb it.  My listening projects have been a bit on the back burner in the last few weeks.

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