Thursday, December 08, 2011

here's a link for the MacArthur Charismatic Chaos fanboys ;)

What was the big process?  Heh, in a way, nothing more complex than discovering that people he thought had to be demon-possessed were actually human, just as human as he was, and also shared beliefs in common.  But we can't have that now, can we?  ;) 

When I was a teenager I figured Presbyterians and Episcopalians were all spiritually dead legalists hung-up on meaningless rituals.  Heh, and now I'm at a Presbyterian church with some Reformed Anglican sympathies. 

You could say that somewhere along the line Trogdor burninated my preconceptions. Of course cessationists will keep drawing a single line through every heretical movement they can think of from the dawn of time along into Montanism and up to the present so that they land on Pentecostalism as a continuation.  Of course if any of these cessationist types are also dispensationalists they may want to rethink how ardently they assail their fellow Christians. ;)

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