Wednesday, December 07, 2011

ah, the insomnia of research and writing

It's cool, except for the part where it goes into crazy hours of the night.  I've got a lot of writing I've committed to doing this month.  You probably can't imagine how much.

Well, my friend J. S. Bangs probably can! And my brother and sister can.  And David Zahl over at Mockingbird.  But there are some other friends I've been planning to write for and they are the friends for whom I have been mapping out a fairly good-sized chunk of material. 

I've made some progress but it's basically completing one third of the notes for a first draft.  This will, like anything else, take time, a lot of time.  My hope is that I can bring to it enough time, thought, and effort to also make this thing good.  That's about all to be written on these things for now.

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