Thursday, May 05, 2011

a few comic book cover images the world can do without

1. The constipated screamer.

You know, the guy who's pumping both fists in the air, maybe with claws extended, who looks like he's screaming so as to better push out that #2 that has been in their because with all that red meat and beer he's guzzled he didn't have enough fiber in his diet to stay regular.

2. The weepy guy standing up and holding some dead person.

Yeah, I'm looking at you Superman, holding whichever dead person is not going to be dead inside of two years. Stop crying so much, buddy, you know that nobody stays dead in comic books forever.

3. The puppeteer

Now, see, this was cool when it was used with the Joker because the whole concept fit the visual conceit of the character and, well, you know, the conceit of the character! Thing is after nearly three decades it can seem over-done

4. This would be #1 if we were only discussin gcomics with female central characters, cheesecake aisle.

I tentatively endorse Laura DePuy's decade old admonition in the annals of Sequential Tart0--J. Scott Campbell can be forgiven for making cheesecake because his women all have shoulders broad enough to support the melons they're packing. So Danger Girl is tolerable, Tim Sale Poison Ivy not quite so much. And all you artists you use circle stencils ... shame on you!

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