Saturday, April 04, 2020

a brief survey of the Mars Hill Church spin-off campuses most of them are still active, although former MHC PDX closed last year via merger and former MHC EVE merged/closed this year

It's admittedly easier to do an April 2020 update on which former Mars Hill Church campuses are still functional as organizations than to try to give an update on all of the guys who were at one point listed as elders at Mars Hill.  That may still manage to get assembled but regular readers of the blog know that Wenatchee The Hatchet has tried to shift between 2015 and 2020 back toward writing about all the sorts of stuff the blog was intended to discuss until a long stretch between about 2010 to 2015 when the blog focused pretty intensively on the peak and demise and associated history of the former Mars Hill Church. 

So, for those who don't know or remembered things differently, most of the Mars Hill campuses survived, though a few merged, and many of them are still functioning to this day as churches.  Rather than attempt to give you a blow-by-blow history of each and every campus here in 2020 (which is impossible, even for WtH) here are tags of indexed posts that let you investigate the campus you want to know about.  Comments are always in moderation and there's no assurance they will get published but if you have updates on campuses or leaders you can feel free to post a comment here and mention if you do not want it to get published and you only want to provide info.  I've gotten a few of those over the years. 

Usual guidelines regarding public figures and defamation apply, folks.  Every once in a while I've gotten comments from people with scores to settle and while some of the guys who were in leadership at MHC who were not Driscoll caused some serious relational damage this post is intended to be a stopping point for people interested in the campuses and their current activity or closure.  A series on former MHC leaders and what they're up to or if they're still in ministry is something, maybe, for another time. 

Albuquerque (became North Church)

ballard  (closed, real estate acquired by Quest Church)

bellevue (active as Doxa Church Bellevue)

downtown (merged with MHC Ballard and U-District which became Cross and Crown Church)

olympia (Harbor Church Olympia, still active)

portland (merged with Door of Hope in Portland, no longer exists)

rainier valley (closed)

sammamish (real estate sold, closed)

shoreline (active as Sound City Bible Church)

spokane (Redemption Spokane, still active)

tacoma (still active as of April 2020, and has or had church plant for South Puget Sound planned)

Wedgewood/Lake City

west seattle (Trinity West Seattle, still active)

University District (see above regarding Ballard and Downtown)

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