Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Redemption Groups, a ministry started back in the MHC era, is saying goodbye, statements in general and from Mike Wilkerson

Redemption Groups, for those who know something of the history of Mars Hill, developed years ago around 2008-2009 with leadership from Mike Wilkerson and James Noriega.  There is currently no update on the status or whereabouts of Noriega but Mike Wilkerson has written a statement regarding the changes that have occurred.  For a more general statement see the following:


It’s time to say goodbye to Redemption Group Network, the non-profit organization founded to support the training and development of Redemption Groups. This affects what will happen with the future of training and licensing for Redemption Groups, and its content, and the Redemption Walk podcast.
We’ll be closing down by December 31st, 2019 and discontinuing all activities, including the hosting the content on and any training or licensing for Redemption Groups™.
You can find additional information in each of the following places:
If you have other questions, you can reach us via our contact form.

Goodbye: A Personal Note From Mike

A personal note from Redemption Group Network founder, Mike Wilkerson, about the shutdown of Redemption Group Network:
This change feels both sorrowful and satisfying to me.
Sorrowful, because it’s sad to let go of something that has brought so many good experiences and memories into my life. My years working in Redemption Groups have been filled with personal transformation, meaning, and joy for me and for others. Those shared experiences have been some of the best of my life.
Yet it’s satisfying because, when seasons have changed, it’s good to say so. The leaves will fall and spring will come. I’m letting go with a hope of what else good may come in the future.
I’m no longer the person to provide leadership for Redemption Group Network, both because of my need to pursue financially viable work and also because I’m changing theologically such that it’s no longer a good fit for me to write, teach, and train in support of Redemption Groups. Both developments—vocational and spiritual—have occurred organically over the past few years, as those of you with whom I’ve stayed in touch know well.
Even if I were to resume some kind of writing or teaching in the future, I expect that my approach would be significantly different than before. At the same time, I trust that those local church ministries that carry forward the best of what Redemption Groups have had to offer, in whatever form and by whatever name, will continue to experience the joy and transformation that I’m grateful to have known in this community.
What these changes mean for me, though, don’t necessarily mean the same thing for you or how your local church ministry may carry on. To learn more about how the shutting down of Redemption Group Network will or won’t impact the future of your local church ministry, such as licensing or training, read here.


Informally I heard that Redemption Group experience could be very positive or extremely negative.  This blog is not, as I've indicated in the past, a place that invites personal stories and to be very clear, I've deleted comments people have made about former pastors that I regarded as functionally being libel.  There's not an easy set of tags on the topic of "biblical counseling" but I've mentioned now and then that I regarded the idea of "biblical counseling" as practiced at Mars Hill as capable of being disastrously harmful.  This isn't the post to get into that, though.  But the end of Redemption Groups seems worth noting.  

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