Tuesday, November 26, 2019

well ... in renewed Fearless Girl statue news ... another suit



for folks who didn't read this ...

This suit stuff has popped up and down in coverage this year.

MELBOURNE, Australia — She stands four feet high, with her hands placed on her hips, her chin up and a defiant look in her eye. Known as the “Fearless Girl,” the bronze statue in Lower Manhattan was intended to “drive a conversation” on the importance of elevating women in corporate roles — a feminist message amplified by replicas that have popped up in cities around the world.

But the financial services firm that purchased the original, State Street Global Advisors, is calling them unauthorized copies and waging an aggressive legal campaign against them. Critics say the fight proves that the company’s embrace of the Fearless Girl was always less about promoting female empowerment than it was about promoting itself.


How many thought otherwise?  Maybe that's a bit too cynical but it struck me as PR corporate art from the get go.  

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