Thursday, November 07, 2019

as Mark Driscoll's (and Grace's) new book Win Your War is out, there are apparently two Amazon pages with Win Your War as a stand-alone book

Perhaps it's symbolic of Mark Driscoll consolidating book sales to a new target audience but the Driscoll whose Amazon page features a lot of familiar titles

doesn't (yet) include Win Your War, which shows up for a "Mark Driscoll" not necessarily connected to the Mark Driscoll who published books prior to this year.

He's rewriting the Doctrine book so perhaps that will also show up with the new page and the new look.

We're sitting on Win Your War until probably 2020 because, honestly, there are far more fun things to read about and listen to at this point.  However, in passing and in brief it's interesting to consider the "tribal chiefs" passages of A Call to Resurgence in light of Driscoll's post-Mars Hill resignation changing of teams.  He may want people to believe that Time dubbed him a "thought leader" of the young, restless Reformed but it was in A Call to Resurgence where Driscoll himself identified himself as in the Reformed tribe with a continuationist position on pneumatology and being connected to the complementarian/Reformed/continuationist Acts 29 Network.  For Driscoll to imply that some kind of liberal media outlet described him as a thought leader in the young, restless Reformed movement as if that was what "they" said about him and not what he said about himself seems dodgy. 

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