Monday, November 05, 2018

Doug Wilson and Randy Booth's A Justice Prime has ... come out in a second edition

The first edition was rescinded after a blogger, one Rachel Miller, documented a case that notably large chunks of the book were plagiarized.  That gets acknowledged in the new introduction for the new edition.

Apparently Wilson and company felt strongly enough about the merits of the book to do a second edition.

But that the first edition of the book was retracted over plagiarism that was documented by a blogger is now ... kind of inseparable from the ... uh ... reception history of a second edition.

Since I was considering picking up a copy of the first edition within a week or so of the first edition being retracted over the plagiarism issue then ... yay?  I get to pick up a copy of the second edition to see if Kevin DeYoung's glowing remarks about the book pre-plagiarism incident could seem to be ... merited?

Douglas Wilson and Randy Booth, A Justice Primer (Canon Press, 2015). I thought this was a book on social justice, economics, and big picture politics. It’s actually a book about how the Bible would have us judge each other (or not) in the mad, mad world of blog warriors and internet vigilantes. This book is full of refreshing wisdom. I hope it reaches a wide audience. And if you already know that Doug Wilson is a good-for-nothing scoundrel (and I don’t know him personally and do strongly disagree with him at times), then that’s an indication that you really need this book. [UPDATE: It seems that portions of the book were plagiarized, which, while not changing the nature of the content, cannot help but affect one’s opinion of the book. I hope Wilson and Booth will respond to the evidence presented in the link above. NEXT UPDATE: The book has been discontinued by Canon Press because of “negligence and gross incompetence” resulting in plagiarism and improper citation.]

Well, now that there's a second edition out since ... August this year, it looks like Wilson and Booth believe enough in what they published the first time around there's a second edition.  Unlike someone else who was a big name preacher/author in the Pacific Northwest region, the second edition looks like it admits to plagiarism happening in the first edition of a book, with an apology, and discussing that changes got made.  But somewhat like the other author ... there can be some questions as to why the book was written ... there's a lingering irony that if the book, as Kevin DeYoung understood it, was addressing what justice means in the mad, mad world of blog warriors and internet vigilantes, that its second edition should have come about because of ... possibly ... a blog warrior or internet vigilance however one might want to define those. 

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