Tuesday, October 30, 2018

in the wake of the release of Mark Driscoll's Spirit-Filled Jesus first Google search result brings up Becky Garrison's review at Warren Throckmorton's website as of this morning

While we haven't gotten around to reading and reviewing Mark Driscoll's Spirit-Filled Jesus yet because listening to Hilary Hahn's new J. S. Bach CD is a higher priority at the moment the plan is to get around to reviewing the book since a copy can be easily acquired.

But while that can happen soon (and it's interesting to note how readily you can get used copies that have "remainder mark" or "overstock" on them, and it's also fascinating to note the ratio of Amazon reviews in which reviewers mention receiving an advance or preview copy, it looks like the first search result you get if you look for a review of Mark Driscoll's Spirit-Filled Jesus in Google is Becky Garrison's review at Warren Throckmorton's website.

and it's not just the case for Google.  You get the same result this morning if you were to use duckduckgo.

it's currently the second result after Amazon.com's listing and associated reviews if you use yahoo.com for your preferred search engine.  A Mark Driscoll level joke about that would be that if you're the sort of yahoo who uses Yahoo as a search engine then, yahoo ... .  

I just got a copy in the mail in the last couple of days and hope to have something written about it in the next week or so.  

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