Saturday, October 13, 2018

an NPR piece on how the guitar isn't "dead" for rock and roll, more women are taking up the guitar

The rock and roll bro may have been receding but the guitar hasn't been going away, according to an article at NPR, there are more women playing guitar.

Ida Presti thankfully gets named.

That women play guitar across styles hardly needs to be said but I suppose it is news in the sense that rock journalism probably played a role in defining the guitar as somehow a "masculine" or rock or country or blues thing.  In the 19th century, as Matanya Ophee chronicled, there was a bias against the guitar expressed by saying it was a maiden's instrument and not serious enough to be on par with concert instruments or a symphony.  A guitar wasn't going to hold a candle to a Lizst piano sonata might be a blunter way to put it.

And the rock and roll came along and another sort of myth about the guitar, a comparably dubious and biased one, emerged, maybe not entirely among guitarists as among journalists and historians who deigned to write about the styles of music so often associated with the guitar. 

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