Thursday, July 26, 2018

William Byrd: Mass for 5 voices with a read-along score but it's chock-full of C clefs

Can't resist noting that even though the Kyrie is scored throughout in common time you could take the Christe eleison section (which starts at 0:34) and plausibly score most of that in 7/2.  I'm completely serious.  Anyone who tries to sell you on the idea that assymetric meter or assymetric phrase lengths was somehow a 20th century or "modern" development doesn't know nearly enough music or music history.   Just because it's scored one way doesn't mean that's what's going on in the music itself.  I've found it easier to score works in common time when the real divisions of meter and pulse included shifts from 4/4 through 4/8 with steady telescoping of riffs. 

Apart from that little observation the music/score read along video is presented without comment.

I love Byrd's music.  I did say I was going to try to get around to music more West than East to keep some variety going.

Ah, right, the playlist doesn't go in a straight line for the work.



Agnus Dei

Nobody has the Sanctus/Benedictus up in score form ... or if you want to just barrel through the whole thing in one go.

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