Thursday, July 26, 2018

scientists analyze 6,147 movie scripts and the emotional arc that makes the most money is called the "man in a hole" arc

A team of UK scientists believe they have found the formula for box office success.
After analysing data from 6,147 movie scripts and filtering it through a series of algorithms, the researchers have identified the emotional arc that makes the most money, called the “man in a hole” arc.
It could be gamechanging for both film producers and audiences, said Ganna Pogrebna, a professor of behavioural economics and data science at the University of Birmingham, who led the research team. “We know that when we talk about movie production it is a small group of people that make decisions for the viewers. We were essentially trying to listen to the viewer, to see what they actually want.”
The scientists categorised the movies according to six emotional profiles or clusters, which were previously applied to novels.

Ah, so one of the most literal iterations of "man in a hole" storytelling, The Dark Knight Rises, made at least a little bit of money.  For folks who want to see the study looks like it's over here

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