Friday, July 20, 2018

Mountain Music Duo plays The Widow, the Orphan, and the Immigrant by Andrew Halladay for oboe (and then English horn) and guitar

I may have linked to this in the past but it's worth linking to again.

If memory serves the work was inspired by the book of Ruth.  It's a nice piece for the instruments and I think it might be fun if the composer wrote a sequel work for this piece.

I haven't written about oboe and guitar music in quite some time.  I know it might be a kind of lazy thing to do with the internet being what it is but I might just do a compilation of posts that just link to performances of chamber works for the guitar in which it's paired up with any other non-guitar instrument that comes to mind.  The idea being there'd be a link to a flute/guitar duo; an oboe/guitar duo; an English horn/guitar duo; a viola and guitar duo and on down the line.  Some combinations might be hard to find something for but I suppose there's a bass clarinet and guitar duet out there somewhere. 

For the time being, an oboe/English horn and guitar duet.

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