Friday, July 20, 2018

Ferdinand Rebay: Guitar Sonata in D minor with read-along manuscript to go with audio

played by Nicholas Gohl on the guitar

You know ... I don't think I've written about this one before.  I'll have to fix that.  I wrote abou the D minor sonata Rebay wrote for clarinet and guitar

but not the solo guitar sonatas ... which feels a little bit inexcusable at one level because I've had the scores for years ... but ...

at another level, long-time readers of this blog may recall that for quite a few years I was blogging in a lot of detail about a former regional brand that was known as Mars Hill.  There's been a LOT of music I wanted to blog about over the years where I just didn't have the mental focus and energy left over from having a full time day job (or looking for one, for a while); chronicling the life and times of the now-former Mars Hill; composing music of myown and writing stuff on other topics; and then finally after all THAT having time left over to blog about scores in a lot of detail.

I hope to change that a bit these days and moving forward.  But, again, regular readers may have some idea of the level of complexity of the scores I tend to be drawn to.  I was just thinking of blogging about Leo Brouwer's Fuga No. 1, for instance, but I'd need to spend some time thinking about how to explain whether any number of things are best explained with appeals to conventional academic fugal nomenclature or not and there's such a thing as having some modicum of a social life.

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