Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dusan Bogdanovic Guitar Sonata I

I'm planning on blogging about the Bogdanovic guitar sonatas this year or ... perhaps more realistically NEXT year.  But someone has videos of performances of these sonatas.  In lieu of blogging about them I can post videos while I compile materials I want to discuss.

The Bogdanovic sonatas are a good example of the applicability of Hepokoski and Darcy's paradigm of "rotation".  The idea is that themes appear in a particular order across two or three "rotations" and that Theme 1 is followed by Theme 2 is followed by Theme 3 for each rotation in a large-scale sonata form, or a small scale.

The idea is useful because if you're stable on the rotation side of things you can be more playful on tonality.  So a Schubert, for instance, could maintain a stricter approach to rotation and presentation of themes in the Wanderer Fantasy, perhaps, and that will compensate for reprising themes in D flat or E rather than C or G in relationship to an exposition verses recapitulation section of a movement.

Bogdanovic presents themes in what could be called rotation and this offsets the fact that none of this themes map easily onto what might be thought of as traditional major or minor tonalities.

Another guitar composer who has been good at deploying what Hepokoski and Darcy call "rotation" as a formal approach in lieu of clear-cut tonic-dominant tonal architecture is Angelo Gilardino.  I really, really want to get around to blogging about his guitar sonatas, too, but offline life happens and sometimes I end up tabling stuff.  Like I wrote years ago, I was starting to blog about Matiegka's guitar sonatas and what I liked about them in late 2011 and I THOUGHT I was going to blog in more detail about that stuff in 2012 but ... I ended up blogging voluminously about another range of topics.

So, anyway, if you're a Bogdanovic fan I promise I will try to get to blogging about the numbered guitar sonatas at some point and think of these recent posts as a kind of "down payment" in blogging terms that shows I've kept this in mind enough to post a few videos to performances of his work.

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