Sunday, July 22, 2018

an essay on Blues Traveler's "The Hook" which is one of those songs that I still find annoying but which was shrewd enough to make its own rote Pavlovian riffitude its subject

I hated Blues Traveler when they were first showing up on the radio.  I still don't like them.  That said, there's a certain admirably impudent element to "The Hook", admirable in the sense that the song wallows in highlighting the musical clichés and lyrical tropes it would otherwise use if it weren't highlighting them. 

The whole song can be thought of as lampshading musical and lyrical clichés.

Although ... I think there are ways you could be more pointed about lampshading those clichés in songs myself.

But, anyway ... if you've ever gotten tired of hearing four-chord formula songs but maybe didn't know what that had to do with I-V-vi-IV progressions this could help you out. 

and don't stop believin`

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