Friday, June 29, 2018

Toru Takemitsu, All in Twlight
the score and performance are above.  It makes it easier for you to read along with the score and soak up the music in the above link.  It's not my favorite performance or recording of Takemitu's gem of a work for solo guitar. 

My favorite would be Shin-ichi Fukuda's glorious 1997 recording on Denon!  Do watch the video above and follow the score, though, because it provides some context for the following:

At the time I got the 1997 Fukuda recording I was impressed.  I didn't realize at the time (because, well, in a way who would?) that as the decades would go by his `97 recording would become a touchstone for Takemitsu interpretation.  He did have the benefit of consulting the composer around the time before the composer's passing.  That's an advantage! 

All in Twilight is one of my favorite works in all of the classical guitar literature.  It's a masterpiece of miniatures and is one of many reasons I love the musical legacy of Julian Bream a bit more than the musical legacy of Segovia (who don't get me wrong, got some superb music from Tedesco and others!) 

I know I haven't blogged as much aboutmusical analysis but life happens.  Meanwhile, I do try to post a bit here and there and in this case I figure I can share a little about one of my favorite classical guitar works.  Hope you enjoy the piece. 

I don't know if anone has done a master's or doctoral dissertation on Takemitsu's work generally or All in Twilight in particular but if any of you readers know of some scholarly work on Takemitsu's guitar music fire away in the comments. 

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