Saturday, May 05, 2018

targeted post ... Jeff, this one's for you two books that might be of interest

Blog posts with specific potential readers in mind are not what usually happens here but ... Jeff is one of the people who has subscribed to the blog.  So ...

Jeff, if you're reading the blog at all regularly ... two books of possible interest if you haven't read them already.  Both of these come by way of the blogging of Cal, who blogs over here

So, the first book ...
Petr Chelcicky's The Net of Faith, book 1

the second ...
John Neville Figgis Churches in the Modern State

These are, as with so many books these days, on my to-get-to reading list.  Blogging about contrapuntal music for classical guitar has been one of my projects of late. 

Still winding my way through Adorno's Aesthetic Theory and Philosophy of New Music. Also gotta more officially jump in to Campbell, even though I'm going to probably spend a lot of time not agreeing with Campbell but he's important for a couple of projects I've been incubating.

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