Thursday, May 03, 2018

Mark Delpriora performing his solo guitar transcription of the double fugue that closes Haydn's oratorio The Creation

Years ago Matanya Ophee published this Mark Delpriora guitar transcription, inspired by the claim made by Fernando Sor that he, at the time he wrote his treatise on the guitar, currently played the double fugue that ended Haydn's oratorio The Creation.  Proposing quite simply that Sor would never make such a claim if the double fugue could not, in fact, ever be adapted to the guitar, Delpriora set out to establish whether it could be done by exploring how it could be done.

The result, which you can now hear over here, sounds fantastic.

Of course I love the music of Haydn so someone who doesn't already admire Haydn's music might not find this transcription interesting.  We'll just disagree there. 

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