Tuesday, May 29, 2018

index of posts discussing the background of Mark Driscoll's connection to Larry Osborne

In the last day or so I noticed that despite the tag at least half of the posts in a recent analytical series of posts on the relationship between Mark Driscoll and Larry Osborne don't come up.  If you were to follow the tag you might only see five or even as few as four posts.  So ... as an attempt to remedy that internet hiccup, here's an index of posts and topics of said posts.

part 1 Mark Driscoll recounting his Fall 2004 meeting with Larry Osborne at a Leadership Network event
part 2 The plan announced in 2006 for growth runs aground on city zoning, Driscoll and associates regroup by way of a controversial re-org that leads to terminations in 2007
part 3 Driscoll teaching that “I see things” in a post-2007 context in which he presented dissent or distrust of executive elders as a demonic lie
part 4 By 2012 Mark Driscoll began to share irreconcilable accounts of his personal history
part 5 A quick overview of 2012-2014 comments about and by the BoAA

part 6 Mark Driscoll’s resignation—the BoAA expresses surprise, and among the BoAA members was Larry Osborne

part 7 in the 2015-2017 post-resignation era new stories emerge about how and why Mark Driscoll resigned

part 8 Larry Osborne interviews Mark Driscoll in 2016 about his resignation and his account that 30 some former leaders weren’t willing to reconcile with him

part 9 some analysis and some questions.

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