Thursday, May 03, 2018

former Mars Hill Portland aka Redeemer Church still in some kind of flux, 404 error for leadership page

We've briefly discussed how Redeemer (formerly Mars Hill Church Portland) seems to be in a transitional state of some kind this year.  There's not a ton of new information. Here's a sampler of what we've managed to chronicle from earlier this year.

As of today ... you'll get a 404 error if you try to pull up the "leadership" page.

exactly what's going on with what used to be Mars Hill Portland and precisely why there's no trace of Tim Smith anywhere in the more recent documents as yet has no explanation and may never get one.

However ...



Thanks to the WayBack Machine there is a way to see what the leadership page used to look like and may, or may not, at some point look like again.

Elders, who are the Pastors of our church, are responsible for the general spiritual and operational oversight of the local assembly. They provide pastoral care of the flock as well as teaching and equipping of the saints for ministry.
The Elder board of our church currently consists of: Pastor Eric Appleby, Pastor Jon Crist, Pastor Kevin Kelly, Pastor Ryan Mount, Pastor Dan Ortega, Pastor Tim Smith and Pastor Jim Swanson. Two of the Elders of Redeemer Church are also paid staff. They are: Tim Smith, in the role of Lead Teaching Pastor and Kevin Kelly, in the role of Executive Pastor.
God has called all of these men to lead by example and to serve with love, humility and grace, placing care and service to the flock over their own interests. Should you wish to speak to any of our Elders, please email indicating whom you wish to speak with and they will get back to you promptly.

As yet there's no updates

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