Sunday, April 29, 2018

some links for the weekend, featuring a Peter Enns lament that is about ten times longer than a comparable critique of university systems Jim West made years ago

the boy who was the subject of a Tyndale published book about visiting heaven is suing the publisher

Conor Friedersdorf on the dangers of a misreading of what the right actually is as distinct from what people who don't self-identify as on the right think it is.

I might venture to suggest that what is often described as "the left" is more likely referring to the post 1960s "new left" or social justice/identity politics left.  This needs to be kept distinct from what might be best described as old left.  Someone like Chomsky is not necessarily the same as anyone associated with any kind of Clinton.  One of my never-ending frustrations with conservative friends and family is they have a tendency to assume anyone they believe is to the left of them is always and ever a Marxist as if there have been no distinctions or branches of not-capitalist thought. 

Peter Enns thinks that it's terrible that so many PhDs are offered in theology and biblical literature when very, very few of these degree recipients will ever land jobs with them.

Late to the party there in saying such a thing now.

The adjunct crisis exists because too many departments have too many PhD students. The only cure is for departments to offer PhD’s for the number of jobs there actually are.
Creating 500 PhD holders when there are only 30 positions suitable for those PhD’s is not only immoral, it is driven purely by economic considerations on the part of the University.

So Enns isn't saying anything particularly new.  West made his point in exactly as many words as I quoted, whereas Enns ... does not. 

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