Saturday, April 21, 2018 back up as some kind of gambling site; Repentant Pastor is a German site advertising stuff, We Love Mars Hill front page modified into a payday loan advice column

First let's start with Repentant Pastor

German domain now.  Those who can read German can work out what stuff's advertised there.  If you want to read stuff at Repentant Pastor for stuff to do with Mars Hill The Wayback Machine is where you want to plug the domain into.

As noted earlier, is now some kind of Indonesian gambling blog something.

As for, the named stories are still available but ... the topmost post is ...

since March 2, 2018

So it's possible that while the domains were expired they got bought up by other entities and that in the case of somebody figured out how to log on and post ... whatever that thing up there is.

As mentioned before, if you want to find out what was on the aforementioned websites that had to do with Mars Hill rather than gambling or jewelry or some kind of rant then TheWayBack Machine is your best bet.

while the main site itself for We Love Mars Hill as a custom domain has some wonk to it, the tumblr is up and looks to be intact.


Mars Hill Was (i.e. not the "us" site) is still up and in good condition.

The website is also up and working, too.  This one is particularly useful as it has been where I have been able to go to trawl up a decade's worth of preaching and teaching in its original form, which is important because as Mark Driscoll keeps re:cycling and re:habilitating his re:sources it's useful to know when he cuts out material.  There's no quick or easy way to do that, but thanks to the mirror site at the .se domain people who want to try tackling that process (other than or in addition to yours truly) can have a place to start.

and ... there are backup search options not just at TheWayBack Machine but also

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