Saturday, April 21, 2018 is back up, as ... a gambling blog(?) and revisiting Matthew Paul Turner's links to content MH sent him in 2012 that they purged in 2014.

While Andrew Lamb eventually identified himself to the world the person who went by "Amy" did not eventually identify herself, though she chose to talk with Matthew Paul Turner, who ran her story in 2012.  The main focus was on a demon trial, though other things came up in the conversation.  In 2018 after so many people spoke about what they did or regretted doing at places like We Love Mars Hill (still up) or Mars Hill Was Us (domain expired with the old content, which we've tried to document when possible, and now the domain is some kind of poker/gambling site, I am not kidding about that) or Repentant Pastors (also down)  
In the cases of the expired/replaced domains in both cases you can use The WayBack Machine to pull stuff up.  For instance, here, although the search is limited because of what is or isn't captured.  That's to suggest that enough people have shared their real names by now that any would be historians and journalists and scholars may want to contact those willing to go on record first moving forward.  Tthe bar has been raised some for how anonymous you can be. There is still value, of course, in being anonymous, though, and I'm not suggesting anyone decide to go for broke with names across the board now.  Some people got harmed in ways where discretion about names is still a worthwhile commitment. 
But I want to direct your attention to something that Turner wrote at a few points about the story of "Amy".  He was told that there were materials Mars Hill had made available about demon trials and spiritual warfare that he provided links to.


June 20, 2012 By
**UPDATE**According to Mars Hill, Mark performed a “Spiritual Warfare Trial” (a definition and instructions for a Spiritual Warfare Trial can be found here, toward the bottom of the page). They also deny using the word “exorcism”.**
**Late yesterday, I notified Mars Hill Church’s publicity department that I was running this story and offered them an opportunity to comment along with a few questions. Initially, they were going to issue a statement, but later said they would wait to comment until they read the story. They also directed me to this sermon series by Mark Driscoll.
It was not, in fact, a sermon series. The 2008 spiritual warfare session was a leaders-only teaching seminar given in February 2008 that was eventually made available to the public. Now somebody wrote extensively on just "some" of the problems with "I see things" back in 2011, but by 2012 there were other things people were paying attention to.  By 2014 the very teaching content that Matthew Paul Turner was advised to consult that was given by Mark Driscoll had been taken down. Just a few days before that content went down Wenatchee The Hatchet featured a post comparing what Mark Driscoll said in his 2008 teaching on spiritual warfare about bitterness being demonic to the pervasive bitterness he was saying he had in his 2012 book Real Marriage toward his wife on the issue of sex.  The question raised at the time was if bitterness was a demonic root of influence and Mark Driscoll said he was bitter for years and years about the issue of sex why couldn't Mark Driscoll, by his own taxonomy of demonization, not be considered demonized himself?  That question was inherent in the comparison of the material, or so I thought.  Perhaps people in charge of purging content at Mars Hill's websites thought so, too?
So while Turner indicated that he was recommended content had he not jumped on the ball and downloaded the content in 2012, had he decided to only get around to listening to the content some time in 2014, it was no longer there for him to peruse.  Not that you can peruse four and a half hours of lectures ....

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