Sunday, April 22, 2018

if Alan Jacobs is considering a blog-through reading of Ellul's Propaganda I say, feel free

Alan Jacobs has mentioned reading through Jacques Ellul's Propaganda lately.

Maybe I should blog a read-through of Propaganda.

Having blogged a bit on Propaganda as a book that can illuminate and elucidate a whole lot of what was going on in the culture of Mars Hill I say go for it.

I'm not sure that "emergent propaganda" quite convinces me here.

That horizontal and sociological propaganda could be outsourced, so to speak, to bots would not, I think, change the basic nature of what category or level of propaganda they're used to create.  But it sounds like Jacobs is reading through and not at the "has read all of" Propaganda as yet.

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Cal of Chelcice said...

I saw snippets of this piece at Mbird. I was impressed with analysis, since it is coming so late in the game, wed to the current crisis of "fake news" and social media bots. A fundamental feature that is missed, both with Jacobs but maybe not with Ellul (it's been awhile), is the capital flow. Chomsky pointed out in "Manufacturing Consent" how media have effected a kind of censorship through raising the bar for capital investments to get started in journalism. In the age of the internet, I'm sure part of it is in effectively getting enough web-traffic. Part of it is cooperating with search algorithms and social media, which, as more recent stories have highlighted, is not exactly a neutral process. I'm not really impressed with people's analysis of social media without having a greater historical sensitivity for the American mind, so to speak.