Thursday, April 26, 2018

Charisma House video promoting Mark Driscoll's pending Spirit-Filled Jesus book now has no likes or dislikes, no comments, and comments are disabled for the video

For those who never before laid eyes on this video

We discussed it briefly the day after it went up in a post on April 3, 2018.

For all 25 minutes of the video the announcement was something we'd looked at a couple of weeks earlier, the pending publication of Mark Driscoll's new book Spirit-Filled Jesus.

Now for those who don't remember the update from April 4, 2018.


At about 923 views with seven upvotes and twenty-five downvotes it's not looking like the video from Charisma House is going viral. 

For those who may have watched the video and wondered what comments referencing Driscoll's comments about women as "penis homes" could be, go over here.

we can go see that the video now has 2,645 views and ZERO comments as well as ZERO upvotes and downvotes for the video.  You also can't vote that you like or dislike the video and you will notice that, unless things change between right now at 6:33pm PST and whenever you read this, comments are disabled.

Now 2,645 views is a lot more than the 923 we documented above (though, alas, without screen captures) on April 4, but for someone who was once as "big" as Mark Driscoll was 2.6k is still not exactly viral momentum.  Considering he's listed as having 528,000 followers on Twitter the cumulative fan base could probably do better than 2,645 views in the 24 days since the video announcing Spirit-Filled Jesus went up.  Although ... back in 2014 ...

we looked at the steady ascent of Driscollian Twitter followers and noted that someone sent along something from that indicated that as little as 38% of Driscoll's Twitter followers were both real and active on Twitter.

at the time the metric sent our way indicated that 20% of Driscoll's Twitter followers were fake and 42% were inactive. 

About a week-ish ago there were forty-some downvotes and about forty comments.  All that's gone.

For that matter, it might be tough to find that interview Mark Driscoll did with Sheila Walsh last year which was up and down pretty quickly. 

There is, however, a place you can go besides Driscoll's site(s) where you could potentially view the interview now.

and if you want to go back and read an extensive analysis of that interview transcript that establishes that for just about any given word of that transcript it took seven to explain what was actually going on, you can go over here.

The short version is that Driscoll finessed enough claims and details about what was going on at the time of his resignation it was necessary to document divergences.  Walsh and Robison could not have been expected to either know or care about what was true and what was emotionally charged rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the newer video from this year, it seems Charisma House has disabled comments and voting on this video, though not necessarily any of their other videos so far as can be discerned, but we could be mistaken. 

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Jason M. Payne said...

As a longtime reader of (and infrequent commenter on) your blog, I deeply/sincerely/prayerfully hope you write a book some day. WtH, your perspective on the history of Mars Hill is priceless, and it continues to serve me (and my loved ones) very well. A single document, summarizing your own prayerful insights, would be priceless (in my humble opinion). In any case, keep writing, dude. I know it helps you, as an author — but it also helps countless readers (like me) as well.