Friday, April 27, 2018

a short review of Koshkin's 24 preludes and fugues is up at

So it's nice to discover that there is at least one review of the Koshkin cycle up in some language.  There's been brief mentions online of the cycle being published but up until recently I couldn't find any official reviews or write-ups about the cycle.  If you can read German (of course) this link will be easy to read.  Not even close to a fluent reader of German myself.

But since I finally started blogging through the preludes and fugues one prelude and fugue at a time this wweek and plan to keep going through the whole cycle it's encouraging to see it's not an isolated thing.  Somebody out there is writing about the cycle besides yours truly.

At the rate I'm going if I manage to discuss two of the preludes and fugues from the cycle each week that will be a blogging project that can keep me busy for a decent chunk of this year. 

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