Wednesday, March 28, 2018

video--Atanas Ourkouzounov: Eleven Prelude-Etudes

These are recorded on Ourkouzounov's CD Autoportrait. 

I'm fond of this set of prelude-etudes because while each etude is identifiable for the technique that is explored the set of eleven preludes also conveys a sense of being a theme with a set of variations inspired by a technique or musical concept to be explored in each successive section, even if the work isn't technically what people might call a theme and variation work.  But to me it has the ethos of a variation form in its overall vibe even if it wouldn't seem to have that if you were just looking at the notes on the page--you can hear it in the application of gestural transformations within and across the eleven prelude-etudes. 

Ourkouzounov is one of my favorite living guitarist composers so I couldn't not link to examples of his work now that he's got videos of his work online. 

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