Thursday, March 15, 2018

former Mars Hill Portland church Redeemer Church in Portland has filed articles of dissolution according to Oregon Secretary of State

Last time we looked at the situation at former Mars Hill Portland, it seemed it was reincorporating.  Since Wenatchee The Hatchet is a native Northwesterner who grew up in Oregon it hasn't been a whole lot of work to occasionally inquire into the status of Redeemer.  But sometimes commenters provide helpful information.

For instance:

Anonymous said...
Articles of Dissolution were filed 3.14.2018 for RedeemerPDX, see attached link -

Kevin Kelly has been terminated & Tim Smith has Resigned as Senior Pastor

And according to the Oregon Secretary of State articles of dissolution for Redeemer PDF were filed yesterday.


There's a "reinstatement amended" for the 3210 Taylor Street, too.

UPDATE 03-16-2018 0608

As noted in the earlier post, it's not clear that Redeemer PDX is actually shutting down.  Reincoporation is going on, perhaps, and reorganization.

One of the legacies of the network of churches that were once Mars Hill is there's almost always something by way of audio and social media.  So someone has run this by WtH.

and knowing that among the Mar Hill network of churches pastors have a history of listing their CVs on a network ...

Tim Hemphill

Interim vice president at Redeemer church pdx
Vancouver, Washington
Nonprofit Organization Management

Interim vice president

Redeemer church pdx

– Present (1 month)Portland, Oregon Area
Helping the church during a transition season. Doing some interim preaching.
It looks like there's a transition season.  Since my familiarity with the culture and history of what was once Mars Hill dates more back to the earliest years of Mark, Mike and Lief through the 2008 period Hemphill is a name that rings no bells at all, but he's mentioned being interim VP at Redeemer during a transitional time.  So the church itself may not be dying as such but this, as they say, a recently breaking development in terms of online documentation

UPDATE II 03-16-2018 17:27

NEW DEVELOPMENT - Even though Kevin S Kelly has been terminated it appears he is still involved with RedeemerPDX in helping new leadership team transition to an as yet unknown existence - See attached link to a new Application filed later the same day with State of Oregon for Redeemer Church to continue as an organization. Note who is the Authorized Representative not the Authorized Agent & that the mailing address for the organization is not the church but Kevin Kelly's home address - Seems sort of odd.

So maybe my earlier guess that the church isn't permanently dissolving so much as reincorporating and re:launching might be a decent guess.  But it is, after all, still a guess. 

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