Friday, February 02, 2018

and on the motif of fake twitter followings, Richard Roeper suspended

Film critic Richard Roeper's reviews and columns will not be published by the Chicago Sun-Times as an investigation is conducted into his Twitter following, the paper announced Monday.

Roeper was one several prominent journalists, sports stars, politicians and celebrities who had paid to increase their Twitter followers with fake accounts, according to a New York Times report published over the weekend. Roeper's Twitter following currently numbers over 225,000, but it was not specified by the Times report how many of those followers were fake. 

In a statement, the Sun-Times editor-in-chief Chris Fusco said: “We became aware over the weekend of issues relating to Rich Roeper’s Twitter account. We’re investigating these issues. We will not be publishing any reviews or columns by Rich until this investigation is complete.”

A highly influential film critic, Roeper co-hosted the television series At the Movies with Roger Ebert from 2000 to 2008, succeeding Gene Siskel after his death. He has written for the Sun-Times, on a variety of topics, since 1982. 

I still don't really get why people would wish to use Twitter.  I mean, I get in the most generalized abstract way why people want to use a mass media social networking platform to promote brands and stuff ... but ... in an ironic twist I'm remembering that this guy who was a megachurch pastor in Seattle once said that once you start using a platform you have to keep providing it with content.

So in keeping with the previously noted article in which an author at The Atlantic said that social media is competition over attention more so than about ideas, it would seem that the easiest way to avoid the myriad landmines and pitfalls of social media use in a context such as Twitter is to just not use Twitter.  What do you have to say that is so important it needs to be tweeted?  If it's important enough to need to be tweeted why is it so short that it can be tweeted?  

Now if someone like Richard Roeper can be suspended from being published pending an investigation it might be worth asking how many preachers and celebrity Christians have fake followers.  It might be that fake followers are just part of using Twitter at all for all I don't know and admit I don't particularly even are to know about Twitter. I, obviously, like blogging just fine. 

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