Saturday, January 13, 2018

probable incubation/down time for part of the year (probably just a week or so)

I haven't forgotten all that stuff I said I waned to tackle for 2018.

That's still on the to-get-to list.  There's still other stuff incubating for another venue, too.

But sometimes it's good to take a break and tackle things in the offline world, too and do some reading, or a lot of reading, about a few topics.  There will be a discussion of Justin Dean's PR book, for instance, later this year.  It's actually informative in a number of ways, though perhaps not entirely in ways Dean intended, about the nature of the informational culture of MH.    But we'll save those thoughts for later this year, ideally.

So seeing as traffic has spiked down even more than usual at the start of the year it might not be so bad to take advantage of the fact that so few people are reading compared to four years ago.  :)

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