Saturday, September 09, 2017

CNN report--Paterno reported to have known about Sandunsky's contact earlier than formally stated

Earlier this year I watched Spotlight, which was a solidly made film but ... Hollywood celebrating the power of the press to highlight the abuses that a church leadership culture subjects people to can start to feel ever so faintly hypocritical given how exploitive the entertainment industry has been towards kids, too.  And then there's institutionalized sports ... which I admit I've never really enjoyed or gotten into.

A tossed off line in a South Park episode had Cartman explicitly and directly equating sexual abuse of kids by Catholic priests with what Sandunsky did as a coach. This was directly countered by another character but the observation got made all the same.  It's application is indirect since the punchline is about how, regardless of what power and prestige culture you set up, predators will figure out ways to rise up through that prestige ladder to target and abuse.  If it's not a Catholic church hierarchy now this may have nothing intrinsically to do with the state of Catholicism or any other religious view as much as it has to do with what systems have the most prestige within the cultural milieu.  In some contexts the prestige ladder "might" be a church, for someone like Beria it could be a political part, for others it could be a university setting.

Sometimes it seems as though one of the lessons people decline to learn is to note that one of the sturdier ways to ensure that "it" can happen here is to assume that "it can't happen here". 

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