Thursday, June 08, 2017

somewhat belated post--Peter Sallis, the voice of Wallace from Wallace & Gromit, has died

There's not a whole ton I feel like saying since I know Sallis only as the voice of Wallace.  Still, in an era in which we've had twenty seasons of South Park (and as a lifelong fan of animation I will have stuff to say about South Park later this year) a cartoon like Wallace and Gromit stands out now in a way it would not have  fifteen or twenty years earlier in a number of simple ways.  In an era where we'll get season seven of Game of Thrones it's interesting to have high profile entertainment that fits the bill of what's still known as rated G.  That doesn't mean there isn't the threat in any given Wallace & Gromit story of mayhem and death. Far from it!  Wallace usually had his life imperiled by the unforeseen consequences of his own ignorance and effort.  By stories end, though, equilibrium was restored. 

But even in what many an American Christian would regard, with cause, as wholesome G rated entertainment it's fascinating how every single story hinges on the potential for death and mayhem and human vice and folly to explode into the world with disastrous consequences.  Even in a story as innocent and charming as a Wallace & Gromit story. Someone who is familiar with Christian faith might take a moment to consider how if this is what we can observe about Wallace & Gromit we should never be surprised if within the pages of the Bible there's a story about a Levite and his concubine.

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