Saturday, April 15, 2017

for Holy Saturday, Paul Hindemith's Symphony Mathis der Maler, movement 2 "Entombment"

Hindemith's opera Mathis der Maler was a work he condensed down into a symphonic suite by the same name, the vastly superior work.  The three movements were inspired by the Eisenheim altar painted by Grunewald and the second movement is named after the scene of the burial of Christ.  Ergo, it's a suitable link to a musical movement to share on Holy Saturday.  Plus I don't just so happen to be a Hindemith fan.

Fans of the music of Paul Hindemith are not, it must be said, not exactly the biggest club in the world. 

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Dan said...

My composition teacher at conservatory described Hindemith as the teacher who traumatized an entire generation of American composers..

Nevertheless, I love his music.