Saturday, April 08, 2017


There have been a few podcasts and interviews in the last few weeks pertinent to the history of what used to be Mars Hill

It'll take some time to present, much less analyze or discuss the pertinent materials.  Obviously the aim has been to shift writing here to a range of other topics in the dissolution of the corporate entity but the recent interview with Walsh merits a little attention. 

As women who played ministry and in-leadership culture roles have begun to share some things for the record the new narrative thread Driscoll has introduced has transformed the 2007 termination and trial period into an eight year long governance battle that, the implication seems to have been, was a continuous conflict.

But there's a scope and range to the narrative that may necessitate some thorough review in what, by primary and secondary accounts, transpired.  What Walsh conveyed in his interview with Sheila Walsh could hardly be construed as a particularly robust or detailed account of twenty some years of events and people.  It isn't even necessarily a very clear account of the last ten years, seeing as we're coming up on the tenth anniversary of the controversial reorganization and termination/trial proceedings. 

But, as previously mentioned, to discuss any of that will take a bit of time.

POSTSCRIPT 4-15-2017
Some things still take time.  There's also such a thing as opting to blog on stuff one is unequivocally for. 

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