Friday, March 31, 2017

Throckmorton presents plans of distribution for Mars Hill Foundation for Planting Churches and for Mars Hill Church itself
It's a somewhat pedestrian observation but at "B" when we get through Recitals ...

The Corporation has no members.

it might be useful to cross reference the stated lack of members with the bylaws from 2012, which say what constituted membership in the corporation.


Section 4.1.  Members for State Law Purposes. The elders of the Church shall be the civil members of the Church for the purposes of the Act. Except as otherwise explicitly stated in these Bylaws, the term "member" is a spiritual and theological term for a member of the body of Christ that has completed the membership process at the Church and remains in good standing, and does not have any civil effect for purposes of state law.  Consistent with the biblical concept of member and this Article 4, members of the church shall not have voting rights.

So while there may well have been officers for the corporation the absence of members would indicate, based on the bylaws from 2012 at least, that there were no longer any elders at the corporation that was formerly known as Mars Hill Church.

The plan does not indicate much about who the then Board of Directors was.  Based on Article 7 the board of directors would apparently have been the BoAA.

For 3., regarding distribution of assets and the like, the general summary indicates

3. Distribution of Assets. The Corporation hereby resolves that after payment of the Corporation's debts and liabilities, or provision made therefore, including without limitation the establishment of reserves as set forth in paragraph 4 herein, Kerry Dodd or Caleb Walters (either, the "Authorized Officer") shall distribute all of the remaining property of the Corporation as follows: (a) first, any assets held by the Corporation upon condition requiring return, transfer, or conveyance, which condition occurs by reason of the dissolution, shall be returned, transferred, or conveyed in accordance with such requirements; and (b) second, any remaining assets of the Corporation shall be transferred or conveyed to specific churches (each a "Church", and collectively, the "Churches") identified in Exhibit A that provide ministry services and have a similar lawful purpose as the Corporation in the percentages indicated in the attached Exhibit A.

For those who haven't read the whole thing, Exhibit A lists the then surviving campuses. 

People may have forgotten that the former MH corporate headquarters being given back to the lender, deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Cross & Crown Church (Ballard at the time of closure, moved over to former U district campus)
Sound City Bible Church (Shoreline)
Trinity West Seattle (West Seattle)
Harbor Church (Olympia)
North Church (Albuquerque)
Foundation Church (Everett, cf Throckmorton on Everett and the former MH Global)
Rainier Valley Church (this was renting space at Union Gospel Mission)
Resurrection Church (Tacoma and here for cf to the Everett thank-you stuff)
Redemption Spokane (there's some possibly dead links to them getting real estate here)
Doxa Church (Bellevue, not going to go into all the history of MH Bellevue and real estate)
The Church at 3210 SE Taylor St  (Portland)

It's the weekend so there's more fun stuff that could be done but a little bit of a review probably helps.   While concrete numbers aren't in the published plans the plans seem straightforward as to where resources, if any, are to be directed.  The precise nature of the conveyance isn't explained.  However, Trinity West Seattle was recorded by King County as having purchased their real estate from Mars Hill.  There may be enough raw material of at-the-time-reportage for people to do a bit more digging on their own but it IS the weekend

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