Saturday, February 18, 2017

A 21st century paradox (a dialectical haiku, i.e. a linkathon)

Quoting Adorno?
Probably proof you're in the
culture industry

Because why not write a haiku about Adorno on the internet in which every word of the poem is a hyperlink to some writing about Adorno's thought?  The paradox that anyone who even knows who he was and what he had to say is necessarily part of the culture industry he had complaints about is just one of those faintly savory ironies for a 21st century weekend. 


Cal of Chelcice said...

Anyway you can give a summary of the "Straight Outta Frankfurt" article? Since I don't have a subscription, I can only get the intro.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I don't have a subscription for that one, actually. It was originally just going to be some kind of links for the weekend project and then I wrote the haiku and THEN I got the idea that it'd be fun (and funny) to write a haiku illustrating the paradox of Adorno's work being kept alive (through commendation and condemnation) through the members of the culture industry he wrote critically about.

I didn't want to throw in a link to Roger Scruton going on about Adorno because even though he's definitely on the right I find it tough to take his criticism of Adorno's criticism of tonal music seriously if he just wants to keep celebrating Wagner's Ring cycle.

The defense of A's criticism of mass culture was interesting to read because it has been fascinating to read that even people at Jacobin will say nice stuff about, say, Bowie. Apparently if the mass culture icon is opular enough he/she/they get annexed by partisans across the political spectrum regardless of formal theories of aesthetics. I've been wanting to write about how experiments in jazz/classical fusions have happened across the Iron Curtain divides for a while but I'm waiting on that. There's some stuff on formal overlap between ragtime and sonata forms I want to nail down before I do that.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

there was also supposed to be this riff in which the links went from left to right on the political/ideological spectrum but ... I didn't feel like searching too long for people on the right who I thought had read Adorno and also tried to take his ideas seriously.